Rita guest lectures at Delaware State University’s inaugural Financial Planning Association (FPA) student chapter meeting

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The inherent beauty of the financial planning profession is its applicability to all people. Financial planning is global, and it transcends cultural, social, and wealth boundaries. The financial planning professional works in multiple capacities across an organizational spectrum of boutiques, middle market firms, and mature multinational banks. A confluence of factors, including our age demographics and evolving job market, make financial planning more relevant than ever. As a trusted partner committed to providing objective insight, the Financial Planning Association (FPA), strives to educate today’s graduates and tomorrow’s professionals.

As part of her leadership in FPA, Marguerita Cheng, CFP® visited Delaware State University (DSU) on March 16th 2015 to visit with the recently started student FPA chapter to speak and provide perspective on careers in financial planning at their inaugural event.

Dr. Nandita Das (Associate Professor of Finance), Dr. Bernadette Ruf (Chair, Department of Accounting, Economics & Finance) and Marguerita at DSU on March 16, 2015.

DSU understands that career development programs must engage, inspire and empower students to collaborate with experienced financial professionals.

In collaboration with Dr. Nandita Das, Marguerita advocated a career education model for students that integrates local FPA chapters with DSU. Through their interactive session, Marguerita and Dr. Nandita Das fostered dialogue with students to better understand their personal needs, concerns, interests, and talents. They provided context in terms of job responsibilities, educational requirements, training and expectations.

Marguerita guest lectures and interacts with students at DSU.

The key to building tomorrow’s FPA leaders necessitates inspiring today’s students when providing intelligent context on the financial planning profession. Thoughtfully partnering the FPA with academic platforms represents a compelling opportunity. DSU plans to offer additional learning for students through their on-campus student organizations and is considering offering a CFP Board registered financial planning program.

Dr. Nandita Das and Marguerita raised awareness about financial planning, FPA, and shared why students should strongly consider our profession.

Marguerita’s guest lecture was well received by students. Marguerita and Dr. Nandita Das enthusiastically encouraged attendees to take advantage of opportunities afforded by FPA.

FPA is partnering with universities across the country to help students learn more about the financial planning profession and jumpstart an advance in their careers as financial planners. To date, FPA have teamed up with over 35 universities to support these efforts. FPA invites your university to become partners in their efforts to support the next generation of financial planners through the FPA University Partner Program. By teaming up with FPA, you can offer your students unique benefits that will help them quickly progress in the profession.

To learn more about the FPA University Partner Program and FPA’s student resources:

Ryanne Enyeart
Financial Planning Association
Student & Chapter Engagement

Delaware State University (DSU) has a long and proud history as one of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). It has a blend of both long-standing traditions and growing diversity. Founded in 1891 as the State College for Colored Students, DSU takes pride in its heritage as one of the country’s first land-grant educational institutions, rooted early on in agriculture and education. Their current population includes a 67 percent African-American enrollment and an increasing number of Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian and other international students.

With a changing world comes a changing campus, and DSU prepares its students for the global challenges of the new millennium and beyond. The University is a welcome center for learning for people from many cultural backgrounds who speak several different languages and dialects. DSU is a melting pot for education, and after graduation—wherever life takes them—our students are truly “making their mark on the world.”

DSU currently offers 53 undergraduate degree options, 25 master’s degree programs and five doctoral degree programs in areas such as interdisciplinary applied mathematical physics and educational leadership.

To learn more about contributing to financial planning and finance education, contact:

Nandita Das, PhD, CFA, CFP®
Associate Professor of Finance
BOA 212
College of Business
Delaware State University
Delaware, DE 19901

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