The mission of Blue Ocean Global Wealth is to provide families, financial advisors, corporations, and institutions with prudent financial advice, risk management, and investment knowledge. Rita empowers her clients to have the confidence and clarity necessary to take control of their financial future.

As a public policy steward, Blue Ocean Global Wealth is held to the highest fiduciary standard — and Rita takes those standards to heart. Having worked in our industry for decades, Rita believes to her core that financial planning advice and wealth management services must be delivered to the public with objectivity, accountability, and transparency. That is why Rita places client interests above those of anyone else — including the firm, its employees, and shareholders. At Blue Ocean Global Wealth, we work hard to create and sustain an inclusive environment that respects the diversity of talent and values the unique perspective of each member of our team.



I am committed to creating a financial plan for you built on mutual trust and reliable recommendations.



I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to become financially resilient. Financial planning is for everyone.



I am committed to making financial planning approachable for everyone. Rather than intimidating or sales-y tactics, I put your family and your personal goals at the forefront of my business.



I believe everyone deserves access to competent and ethical financial advice.