We established Blue Ocean Global Wealth in recognition of four trends defining the financial planning and asset management industries.

  • The supply and demand imbalance of quality financial planning advice.
  • Lack of global professional and intellectual development opportunities for today's graduates and tomorrow's industry leaders.
  • A maturing financial advisor demographic that merits an innovative partnership solution.
  • Interdependence of our global supply chain with respect to technology, communication, and human capital.

The book Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, inspired our entrepreneurial vision of developing innovative solutions to address these acute challenges. The creators of Blue Oceans, surprisingly, do not use their competition as a benchmark. They follow a different strategic logic that Professors Kim and Mauborgne call value innovation, which is the foundation of a Blue Ocean strategy.

Our Mission

The mission of Blue Ocean Global Wealth is to help women, families and entrepreneurs plan and protect their money so that can make rational decisions about their finances. Blue Ocean Global Wealth empowers clients to have the confidence and clarity to take control of their financial future.


Our Promise

As public policy stewards, Blue Ocean Global Wealth is held to the highest fiduciary standard. Financial planning advice and wealth management services must be delivered to the public with objectivity, accountability, and transparency. We place client interests above those of our firm, employees, and shareholders.