Rita in the News: Podcast Edition

Marguerita Cheng |

In this episode of the Money Minute Podcast Rita talks to the CEO & Founder of Executive Performance Institute for Coaching (E.P.I.C.), Jenna Dillon.


As a business owner, designing and implementing a sustainable organization is always top of mind. But without talented employees to help bring those ideas to fruition, any progress you make can be severely stunted. It can also lead to serious financial problems for business owners, because only 21% of employees are actively engaged at work.


That's why the latest episode of the Money Minute Podcast with CEO and founder Jenna Dillon is a must-listen.




Podcast Recap:

• Jenna specializes in uncovering values, beliefs, and internal rules that keep individuals from reaching their full potential while creating an atmosphere of authenticity, vulnerability, and empowerment.

• She has trained in phenomenology, and ontological coaching via transformational coaching, neuroscience/ neuroplasticity, psychology, and sociology and has been mentored by successful entrepreneurs.

• Her client list includes startup and established entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, business owners, artists, doctors, and physiotherapists from companies such as The Allbright; DreamWorks; Universal Studios; Northwestern Mutual; NASA; First American; non-profit organizations; financial advisors; mortgage bankers—all working towards breaking barriers to create EPIC results.


Dillon shares her insights on how to enhance your ability to attract and retain the top-tier talent your organization needs to succeed.


From leveraging employee feedback to offering unique benefits packages, Dillon offers up actionable advice that any business owner can start implementing today.


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