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Our Blue Ocean Strategy is Education. The creators of Blue Oceans, as outlined in Blue Ocean Strategy, implement a differentiated strategic vision. Value innovation is the cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy. Value innovation requires a different competitive mindset and a commitment to identifying new opportunities that transcend conventional boundaries of industry competition.

Recognizing the ambiguity now facing Americans after an erosion of trust in the financial services industry, Blue Ocean Global Wealth develops impactful continuing education (CE) programs for professional advisors and clients.

Through our sister company, Blue Ocean Global Technology, we also offer technology education programs and workshops.

Continuing Education (CE) programs offered by Blue Ocean Global Wealth:
The Case for Succession Planning
Diversity in America
Social Security: Innovative Financial Planning Strategies for Benefit Optimization:
Advanced Retirement Planning Strategies:
Effectively Communicating the Financial Jumble to Your Clients
The Digital Revolution education series offered by Blue Ocean Global Technology:
The Power of Social Media
Mobile Engagement is the Future
The Technology Planning Process
Additional Programs:
Entrepreneurship & The Intangibles of Success
Career Development Guest Lecture

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