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Blue Ocean Global Wealth stewards an education platform specific to the financial planning needs and concerns of women. We openly embrace gender equality. We navigate transitions and provide sound financial advice. Our resources and guidance empower and strengthen independent women.

The reality is that most women will, at some point, be responsible for their own financial future. Our approach focuses on partnering and supporting women who, perhaps for the first time in their lives, are assuming control of their financial lives. This prudent approach encourages women to adopt a comprehensive view of their finances that will include investments, cash flow, liability management, protection planning, taxation, retirement, and estate planning. We foster an experience that protects wealth and commits clients to life-long learning in the face of vulnerability.


The past 100 years have been marked by the emergence of women in corporate America. The growing number of female executives at Fortune 500 companies and the percentage increase in dual-income households are two examples of how women have earned a more prominent and powerful position in our global economy.


Blue Ocean Global Wealth was co-founded by a woman. Women-owned businesses have increased in number by 50% over the past 14 years, represent a $3 trillion dollar economic impact annually, and account for almost 30% of US companies. This expanding group of thought leaders now faces a set of diverse financial challenges. In our opinion, their sustained success is predicated upon balancing long-term financial planning with the daily rigors of running their own companies.


The financial needs of a divorced woman contrast starkly with those of a married one. At Blue Ocean Global Wealth, we understand the precarious nature of this life-changing event. Pre-divorce financial counseling can help women understand the financial impact of a particular property settlement decision. Divorces are financially traumatic and can be emotionally devastating. With more than 50% of marriages ending in divorce, we encourage you to engage with an advisor with a history of action, execution, and resourcefulness. We believe women who enlist the support of a qualified financial advisor have a conclusive long-term financial advantage over those who don’t.


Financial confidence is a critical issue that requires authentic patience and unwavering support during this precarious transition. Whether you are a retiree in the prime of your golden years or younger woman with a family to provide for, widowhood requires financial guidance and professional understanding. The emotional strain, compounded with the pressure and responsibility of managing family finances, can be overwhelming, even paralyzing. Our Financial Planning Group advocates education and partnering with an emotionally intelligent planner.

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